Revolutionary New Clean Energy Technology

Active Kinetic 1, a clean energy company, has unveiled its technology to harness the power of water waves and convert it into a reliable clean energy source.

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Testing and Early Success:

In February 2024, tests of the Active Kinetic 1 wave energy technology were conducted on the river Medway in Kent, UK. An independently piloted prototype, the Active Wave Energy Convertor (AWEC), recorded a constant energy supply (between 2v to 12V+) generated from the mere ripples caused by moving water currents. This innovative technology, based on a new induction methodology, paves the way for efficient and clean electricity generation.

“This prototype lays the foundation for a new magnetic induction invention that unlocks access to clean energy from existing and emerging renewable sources, like wind and ocean waves,” said Andrew Karim, Director of Active Kinetic 1.

Addressing the Growing Demand for Clean Energy:

The global demand for electricity is rapidly rising due to factors like population growth, urbanization, and the electrification of transportation and industry. This increasing demand strains existing energy grids and infrastructure, which primarily rely on carbon-emitting fuels, impacting the environment.

Active Kinetic 1: A Game-Changer:

Active Kinetic 1 offers a novel clean energy solution with the potential to revolutionize how we generate and consume electricity. Their technology, based on kinetic energy harvesting, is both cost-effective and scalable. It can convert naturally occurring energy sources like ocean waves, wind, and even human movement into clean electricity.

The key technology is the Active Wave Energy Converter, which efficiently captures and converts wave motion into electricity.

A Public Debut and Positive Reception:

Active Kinetic 1 debuted at the London Tech Expo in September 2023, captivating thousands of technology experts who witnessed and tested the technology firsthand. The event garnered positive feedback from industry professionals, and you can see a recording of the event here:

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Technological Advantages:

Active Kinetic 1’s technology surpasses traditional AC generators in capturing pulsating kinetic energy due to its innovative induction technique. This allows their generators to instantly convert pulsatile energy sources into electricity, including:

  • Ocean waves
  • Ocean tides
  • Wind
  • Vehicle movement
  • Pedestrian flow
  • Industrial machinery

The technology also helps conserve wasted energy while generating more electricity. Additionally, Active Kinetic 1 generators boast high durability, making them ideal for harsh environments and remote locations with limited or no access to traditional energy sources.

Benefits of Active Kinetic 1 Technology:

  • Easier access to renewable and sustainable energy sources.
  • Clean and emission-free operation.
  • Increased efficiency in generating electricity from diverse sources.
  • Long lifespan and operation in harsh environments.
  • Scalability for small and large-scale applications.

Potential Applications:

  • Generating electricity for remote communities and industries.
  • Reducing energy costs for businesses and homeowners.
  • Powering electric vehicles and transportation systems.
  • Providing backup power during grid outages.
  • Supporting the development of micro-grids and renewable energy communities.

Development Stage and Investment Opportunity:

Active Kinetic 1 technology is in its early stages but has already garnered significant attention. They are currently seeking funding to further develop and commercialize their technology, having already established key partnerships and positioned themselves for rapid growth.

A Promising Future for Clean Energy:

Active Kinetic 1’s technology holds immense potential to revolutionize the way we generate and consume electricity. Its renewable, clean, efficient, and durable nature makes it an ideal solution for various applications. Investors seeking a groundbreaking new energy technology with exponential growth potential should closely follow Active Kinetic 1’s progress.

Detailed Overview of Wave Energy Potential:

Ocean waves represent a vast and largely untapped source of renewable energy. According to the World Energy Council, they have the potential to generate over 29 terawatts of electricity annually, exceeding the current global net electricity demand by 4 terawatts. This presents a groundbreaking opportunity for clean baseload energy, especially considering that over 50% of the global population resides near coastal regions.

Active Wave Energy Converters (AWECs) and their Advantages:

AWECs utilize Active Kinetic 1’s technology to capture wave energy and convert it into electricity. This technology captures over 80% of energy from pulsating movements, surpassing the capabilities of traditional generators. This enables AK1 devices to generate electricity from various sources, including wind, waves, and even vehicles, regardless of smooth or continuous motion.

Durability, Self-Sufficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness:

Active Kinetic 1 devices are durable and generate electricity independently, eliminating future concerns regarding energy security. This system can be entirely self-sufficient, providing electricity from wave energy for the foreseeable future.

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